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Communicate / Motivate

The Communicate course is appropriate for students learning English for the first time, and for those who have studied for years and need a fresh and communicative approach.
Grammar is introduced systematically and integrated with the situations and topics students need to communicate in English. Students learn structures through student-centered activities and apply them in practical situations. Fun activities, humor, and appealing characters help to draw the students into the course. All language targets are constantly brought alive through personalization and interactive activities.
Vocabulary and patterns are recycled throughout the course allowing sustained practice in a supportive environment. Communicate/Motivate is a 4 level adult course book series for mature students with a low level of English language ability. It is the perfect resource for high school through adult ESL/EFL students who want to improve their communication skills.
Furthermore, the four level series has an extensive range of free supplements available at and can even upload and share resources here making a virtual ever-growing resource bank of materials. Fresh off the press in 2012, the series has already become a best-seller.

Components ISBN Price  

Communicate Level 1 Student Book with CD


¥1,900 + tax

Communicate Level 2 Student Book with CD


¥1,900 + tax

Motivate Level 1 Student Book with CD


¥1,900 + tax

Motivate Level 2 Student Book with CD


¥1,900 + tax