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Business Listening & Speaking

This book develops listening and speaking skills in a business context through 15 topic-based units that present a wide range of activities in various formats. Each unit also contains two short sections designed to highlight a particular area of speech: sounds changing within words, sounds being lost in rapid speech, intonation and more.

  • A wide variety of themes, such as Business Ethics, Company Structure, New Markets and more

  • Extended listenings as well as short listenings

  • Listening for gist, for understanding and for specific information

  • A variety of accents that international business persons will encounter

  • Listening Clinics: exercises that help learners understand English as it is naturally spoken

  • Speaking tasks: extend the listening practices and encourage the learners to bring their own experiences into the classroom


For further information and resources, visit the publisher's website

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Class CDs (2)


¥3,500 + tax

Student Book


¥2,450 + tax