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Collins English for Business Series

Collins English for Business: Writing helps students to write clearer business documents more efficiently.
Covers key areas such as Varying tone, Structuring documents and Considering your audience
- Exercises focus on written texts, vocabulary and key structures
- Useful tips sections help students to improve their writing styles

Collins English for Business: Speaking equips students to make themselves understood in business. Model dialogues present key phrases to help communicate effectively in different situations. The audio CD presents natural English conversations and role-plays to improve fluency.

Collins English for Business: Listening equips students to understand what business contacts are saying, however they say it.
Authentic recordings feature real people talking about their work and lives in a variety of native and non-native accents alongside exercises and learning material.

Collins English for Business: Reading equips students to refine and perfect their business reading skills.

Components ISBN Price  

Listening: Student Book with CD


¥2,100 + tax

Reading: Student Book


¥2,000 + tax

Speaking: Student Book with CD


¥2,100 + tax

Writing: Student Book


¥2,000 + tax