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Basic Conversation Strategies

From the authors of the best-selling Conversation and Discussion Strategies comes a new low-level text addressing the development of strategic competence - the ability to manage conversations. The learners are introduced to a strategy, such as showing understanding or asking for clarification. In pairs, they practice the strategy in controlled activities, and finally they put the strategy to use in activities such as role plays.

Conversation is, however, not just speaking; it also involves listening, and an important component in this book includes training the learners to be good listeners. The CDs have 67 listening activities: Listen and Fill In, Circle, Choose, Repeat, Respond and Write. The Teacher's Edition contains the entire Student Workbook plus complete audioscripts, teaching notes and feedback and evaluation forms.


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Components ISBN Price  

2 CDs


¥3,600 + tax

Student Workbook


¥2,900 + tax

Teacher's Edition


¥3,200 + tax