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Collins Skills For IELTS

With one book for each skill, Skills for IELTS helps students to focus on all four IELTS test papers in depth.
• Enables students to achieve the IELTS score required to gain entry into academic institutions in English-speaking countries.
•Provides authentic exam practice and includes a complete practice paper.
•Expands knowledge of IELTS themes and vocabulary.
•Explains crucial IELTS vocabulary using Collins COBUILD definitions.
•Supports students through model answers and commentary.
•IELTS target score: Ideal for learners with band score 5-5.5 who are aiming for band score 6 or higher
•Perfect for self-study or for use in the classroom. CEF Level: B1 and above

Components ISBN Price  

Grammar: Student Book + CD


¥3,500 + tax

Listening: Student Book + CDs (2)


¥3,750 + tax

Reading: Student Book


¥3,250 + tax

Speaking: Student Book + CDs (2)


¥3,750 + tax

Vocabulary: Student Book + CD


¥3,500 + tax

Writing: Student Book


¥2,860 + tax