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Abaxは日本を拠点に北アメリカやヨーロッパにもオフィスを展開する出版社 です。私たちはELTの世界で実際の講師として積極的に携わっており、その 経験から生まれた自社の教材に誇りを持っております。また、おかげさまで世 界中の様々な国々で高い評価をいただいております。
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Titles include:
ABAX Workbook for New Words and Expressions
ABCカードで遊ぼう! / What's in the Cards?
Academic Listening & Speaking
Asian Issues
Business Listening & Speaking
Business Spotlight
Come Fly With Us: A survey of the airline industry
Communication Spotlight
The Coursebook and Beyond
Creative Writing (Helbling)
English Through Art
Fiction in Action: Spellbound
Fiction in Action: Whodunit
Helbling Readers
Imagine That!
An Introduction to the Phonology of English for Teachers of ESOL
Language Hungry!
Listening Skills for the Center Exam
Making Sense of Phrasal Verbs
Multiple Intelligences in EFL
Photocopiable Pairworks for Children
Practical Readings
On Task
The Q Book
Seeds of Confidences
Step Into English 1 and 2
Teaching Chunks of Language (Helbling)
Teaching Grammar Creatively
Teaching in Pursuit of Wow!
Teaching Tenses
Thinking in The EFL Class
Top-Up Listening
World Around
World Voices
Writing Stories (Helbling)
World Around Teacher's Book

Other content

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