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Collins Work on your Grammar and Vocabulary

Work on your Grammar and Vocabulary is a new practice series that covers the key grammar points and key vocabulary needed by learners of English. This book is an essential resource for learners who want to improve their English grammar.The grammar and vocabulary covered in Collins Work on your series has been carefully selected based on Collins Corpus research and the experience of our language experts. As a result, this book provides plenty of useful practice with authentic, up-to-date examples of language usage in context.
• Carefully structured layout and simple illustrations make sure the language is always clear
• Thirty units with clear presentation material followed by practice exercises
• Authentic examples of real English, taken from the Collins Corpus
• Includes line drawings which illustrate key concepts
• Clear structure and presentation of language
• Plenty of room to write in
• Full answer key included
• Ideal for self-study or for use in the classroom

Components ISBN Price  

Work on your Grammar: Advanced: Student Book


¥2,000 + tax

Work on your Grammar: Elementary: Student Book


¥2,000 + tax

Work on your Grammar: Intermediate: Student Book


¥2,000 + tax

Work on your Grammar: Pre-Intermediate: Student Book


¥2,000 + tax

Work on your Grammar: Upper-Intermediate: Student Book


¥2,000 + tax

Work on your Vocabulary: Advanced: Student Book


¥2,000 + tax

Work on your Vocabulary: Elementary: Student Book


¥2,000 + tax

Work on your Vocabulary: Intermediate: Student Book


¥2,000 + tax

Work on your Vocabulary: Pre-Intermediate: Student Book


¥2,000 + tax

Work on your Vocabulary: Upper-Intermediate: Student Book


¥2,000 + tax