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International Test of English Proficiency

PrintableGuide (PDF)


The Ideal Internet-Based English LanguageAssessment in Only 90 Minutes!
iTEP’s Special Features Give You an Edge
- Full exam administered in only 90 minutes
- Evaluation of all skills: Reading, Listening, Writing, Speaking,plus Grammar
- Writing and Speaking sections call for actual writing and speakingproduction
- Trained graders evaluate Writing and Speaking components
- Internet delivery provides maximum scheduling flexibility
- Results available within 7 business days

iTEP is available in three editions:
iTEP Business employs situations and terminologycharacteristic of the work place.
iTEP Academic features settings, content, and vocabularyfound in an educational environment.
More than 300 universities and colleges in the U.S. are acceptingiTEP Academic for their admission.
iTEP SLATE is specially designed to measure theEnglish proficiency of middle and high school students.

TEL: 03-5275-6761

The iTEP Preparation Guide ¥5,250 (¥5,000)
A preparation guide for the iTEP, which includes descriptions, examples,skill development, and exercises to assist examinees in increasingEnglish proficiency in all five areas tested by the iTEP exam.
The guide includes:
- Practice Exercises
- Audio files for the Listening section
- Two iTEP prep tests